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Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius in Yorkton, SK

The Toyota Prius comes standard with a reputation. A reputation for design, function, power, and most importantly for saving the Earth one trip at a time. In terms of design, you are looking at a sleek, sophisticated and aerodynamic exterior. This isn’t a car that gets lost in the crowd, don’t you worry. After all, it is arguably the most famous hybrid vehicle on the road today. With three different driving modes including EV, ECO, and Power Mode, you even have your choice of how your Prius handles everything that Yorkton has to throw at it. Of course, you may not know the Prius. Maybe you’re here because you don’t know a lot about the hybrid way of life, and you want to learn more. Well, we’ve got good news. How about the fact that your new Prius never needs charging. These batteries recharge themselves all on their own - on the go. Not convinced? Let’s follow that up with the fact that there is no additional maintenance required for your new Prius. It’s in every way just like owning another fine Toyota vehicle, only this one saves you way more money at the pump.

Test-Drive Your Next Prius Today

When the time comes to find your Toyota Prius in Yorkton, there is really only one place to go and that is right here at Yorkton Toyota. It’s right in the name. We are the area’s leading experts on everything Toyota, and with one of our incredible team members at your side, you’re going to find exactly what you need at a price that you simply won’t believe. With as many extra features, options, and additions available to the Prius you are going to want someone who knows all the ins and outs. While you’ll find that the Prius is a remarkably well-designed machine, it is not immune to entropy. Which means that regular maintenance is still going to be something it will greatly benefit from. Fortunately, our team of experts here at Yorkton Toyota have changed more oils than they’ve had hot dinners, and they are standing by to get you back out onto the road sooner and for less. No matter what your Toyota needs are, be it finding your next favourite vehicle or fixing it, we’ve got the team with the skills to meet and exceed them!