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Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna in Yorkton, SK

So the time has finally come, and you’re buying a minivan. We don’t want to make assumptions about why you are here. It is just as likely that you are a freewheeling renegade who is looking for a kick-ass van to tour the country with your band as it is you are looking for a personal school bus with a good safety rating. In that spirit, allow us to reassure you that we have something for everyone in this minivan. With a front grille that looks like it belongs on a fancy sports car and dual power sliding doors that are great for getting grandma into the car, this one really does have the best of both worlds. On the inside things really kick into an impressive gear, namely the flexible seating for up to eight people. We might point out that this is a great way to get all of your friends home from a night out on the town, but we’d be remiss in not pointing out that it’s also pretty great for if you have a lot of people to get to soccer or judo practice. Different strokes and all that. The third row even folds down, so if you need to fit a cello or all of your worldly possessions for a backpacking weekend, the Sienna has you covered. Speaking of which, that rear door is powered on certain models which is amazing for getting your surfboard in, or the little league championship trophy. Whichever is more relevant to your life. We aren’t here to judge.

The Perfect Vehicle for Your Family

Here at Yorkton Toyota, we want you to find the perfect Toyota Sienna in Yorkton, and we want to help. With a dedication to customer service and a firm belief that our job is to one day get the privilege of helping you again, we are the place to come and find a Toyota vehicle in the Yorkton area. From start to finish, from purchasing a vehicle through financing, even service and repair, we are ready to get you on the road and help keep you there for years to come. Our team of experts and enthusiasts are on hand through the whole process and ready to work with you to whittle down the options and find the perfect Sienna for your needs...whatever those may be!