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toyota evergreen

In 2000, Toyota Canada (TCI) and its Dealerships partnered with Evergreen to create Toyota-Evergreen Learning Grounds, a program that transforms barren Canadian school grounds into natural environments. By planting trees, shrubs and wildflowers, creating meadows, butterfly gardens and other theme areas on school grounds, learning opportunities literally come alive. Since then, Toyota-Evergreen Learning Grounds have distributed over $2.7 million in grants to 2,143 schools across Canada, helping the schools and their communities create outdoor classrooms, providing students with a healthy place to play, learn, and develop a genuine respect for nature. Thanks to this impactful partnership.

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toyota kart start

Since 2011, Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) has supported the kartSTART program, developed to educate Canadian youth about vehicle safety.

The one-day kartSTART course provides youngsters – ages 10 and up – a driving experience in vehicles that fit them: go-karts. Expert instructors offer an understanding behind the dynamics of driving a motorized vehicle in a monitored and closed course environment.

Toyota is committed to providing Canadian families with information on the importance and technologies of safe driving.

The 2020 National Tour has been cancelled due to Covid19.

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